instead of reading…

This weekend, I traveled with my mother to go look at some art in Galveston, which I highly recommend – we saw the tree sculptures, which local artists have carved out of the stumps left behind by Hurricane Ike’s carnage, and also attended the Galveston Art Walk. My friend Lisa Jeane’s artwork was the best stuff we saw! The big event of the weekend was my car breaking down 70 miles from home 😦 but we’re getting that worked out, too.

I did manage to read up on Lizzie Borden and the Lindbergh baby, continuing on through The Cases That Haunt Us. I find the case of the Lindbergh baby the most disturbing and intriguing one yet. Well, maybe not the most disturbing; the things done to the Ripper’s victims are pretty nightmarish. But I’m most interesting in the Lindbergh baby so far. It has the most sense of mystery, the most unanswered questions.

I’m also steadily picking up more books, and digging myself a deeper hole! I’ve come across Margaret Truman’s Murder at the Library of Congress and that just begs to be added to my book-mystery-book stack; I’m also intrigued by Whatever You Say I Am: the life and times of Eminem. He’s a pretty fascinating character. Wish me luck making some progress, and hope that my next post is about more  reading and less not-reading!! Oh, and reading Murder Past Due is making me want a Maine coon cat like the one the hero-amateur-detective has. 🙂

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