Writing & Writers I Love

I am forever making these lists and moving on from them. For now (list created & last edited in 2019), here’s a few groupings of words I love. For a change, I’ve linked to the piece itself where available, and not to my own review; I’m pretty sure all of these appear somewhere on this site, so use the search box just above & right of this post to read what I’ve written on each.


  • The Fourth State of Matter,” Jo Ann Beard
  • Frame of Reference,” John McPhee
  • “Wait Times,” Joe Fassler (Creative Nonfiction, issue 56, summer 2015: Waiting)
  • “An Honest Application,” Nathan Elliot (Creative Nonfiction, issue 56, summer 2015: Waiting)
  • How Did You Become a Writer?“, Brian Doyle (American Scholar, “Epiphanies,” August 23, 2013)


  • “Among the Things He Doesn’t Deserve,” Dan Albergotti (The Boatloads, 2008)
  • At the Quinte Hotel,” Al Purdy

Authors (and a single favorite title):

  • Homer (Odyssey)
  • Hemingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls)
  • Amy Leach (Things That Are)
  • Brian Doyle (Martin Marten)
  • Haven Kimmel (She Got Up Off the Couch)
  • Philip Connors (Fire Season)
  • Norman Maclean (A River Runs Through It)
  • Mark Doty (Still Life With Oysters and Lemon)
  • Eula Biss (Notes From No Man’s Land)
  • Ed Abbey (Desert Solitaire)

A few additional books:

  • Pieces of White Shell, Terry Tempest Williams
  • Lily and the Octopus, Steven Rowley
  • Maps to Anywhere, Bernard Cooper

Check back. They’ll change. (Additional lists upon lists available here.)

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