more book mystery books.

Just finished Untitled: A Booklover’s Mystery, by Julie Kaewert, and only to find out at the end that it’s the third in a series… oh well. I’m actually completely unfazed by the concept of reading a series out of order; I’ve done all of Michael Connelly’s out of order, gasp, and enjoyed them thoroughly. At any rate…

Untitled was enjoyable. It was a brisk little read (well, it took me a while because I only read it on lunch breaks!) and would fit into the category of “cozy” mysteries, because it was more cute than bloody. Not that there isn’t a fair amount of injury; our hero Alex Plumtree is a veritable pincushion and, like the Terminator, keeps getting up and keeping on. But it’s not graphic in the least.

Set in England, Alex is a printer in the family business, along with his brother, Max. Alex is lucky enough to be planning a wedding with Sarah, a beautiful (on the inside and out) American. The brothers discover an ancient and rare book in the family library – one of its kind, in fact, and only rumored to exist in a few bookish circles. This particular book, though, turns out to have ramifications in international relations from the 15th century all the way up through the present, and in Alex’s personal life. First he is initiated into some very elite circles of bibliophiles, and then things get really alarming; more than one powerful party seems to want Alex’s book and isn’t going to let Alex stand in its way. Thus the pincushion.

The storyline twisted and turned enough to wear me out a bit; but you won’t guess what’s coming too many times. It was a “cute” read; Alex strikes me as a touch goofy and overly impressed by titles and family history, but then he is British after all. It kept me entertained! I won’t seek out more of the Booklover’s series but I would pick one up if it crossed my desk.


And… what crossed my desk today is By Hook or By Book, by D.R. Meredith. The front reads, “a mystery reading group is being strung along by a killer…” …right up my alley! So that’s up next when I finish Murder Past Due which I have just started.

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