changes a-coming

I have mentioned before that there are changes afoot around here at pagesofjulia. Now, I’m seeking a little input.

Starting December 30, I will be a student in West Virginia Wesleyan College‘s Master of Fine Arts program studying creative writing, specifically creative nonfiction. This is a full-time commitment, so I’ll be taking my work for Shelf Awareness back to a minimal level: probably one review a month, to start with, while I find out how much free time I have from school.

This means less time (and built-in material) for pagesofjulia, too, obviously. I have found this blog so rewarding and educational an experience, and I’m humbled to have all your follows & comments. I would never want to let this thing go away. But I do have to make more time, and more space in my brain and reading/writing time, for this new priority. I’ve had some thoughts (and some input – thanks Liz) about how I might continue to keep some activity going here, and hopefully keep most of my readers more or less satisfied.

I’m thinking one post a week is a realistic goal, especially if all those posts aren’t wholly new content. And I’m interested in sharing my grad school experience with you, to a certain extent. I thought I could do some combination of reprising older posts, with comments on how my thoughts are changing, or about what books I’m interested in rereading as an MFA student (Joe Gould’s Teeth comes to mind). And I thought I’d do some quick updates on what I’m reading, what I’m writing, and what I’m thinking about on a given day. These would be super short, but hopefully follow the general theme of pagesofjulia. Maybe some teaser-style posts as I find bits of writing I want to share, too. And, the odd review for the Shelf, naturally.

So I would love to know what you’d like to see happen here as life twists and turns. If you could take a minute to answer the poll here, I would be grateful. And of course, if you have further thoughts, please do comment as ever!

The second question is about what day of the week you’d like to see me post. If you have a strong feeling about this, please let me know in a comment. Otherwise, we’ll probably be looking at nice, neutral Wednesdays.

Thanks for your support, friends. And, until the new year begins, don’t worry, I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

I suppose it’s time for the big news now

…Husband and I will be moving soon, from almost-the-Mexican-border to almost-the-Canadian-border. It will be a big move. I will be busy; and I will be busy reading, too. You may have noticed that I’m reviewing for ForeWord now as well as Shelf Awareness – although only one ForeWord review has posted so far, more are in the pipeline. Busy busy, I tell you. Have moving boxes? Please send my way.

I intend to keep my 5-day-a-week schedule here. I do. But just… bear with me if things get a little nuts.

Off we go.

belated housekeeping

Just a note to say, yes, I changed the appearance of my blog a little bit last Friday afternoon, and I didn’t warn you first. I’m sorry! All that’s changed is that there’s a new header image up there, and the background is now a (hopefully soothing) solid color. I hope you like it or at least find it un-distracting from the content that you’re really here for. Thanks for your support! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

pagesofjulia now ad-free

Just a quick note to say that I finally spent the money to keep this blog ad-free. I’m sorry about the ads, y’all! WordPress says that they use the ads to keep afloat, which I understand, but I found them annoying (as I’m sure you did, too). I should have done this sooner, but I never see them – I guess because I’m logged in? so they ran below my radar for quite a while. My apologies. From now on, they tell me, my own $$ will keep WordPress afloat and you can read pagesofjulia in all its unadulterated bookishness, and nobody will tell you what to buy. Thank you.

pagesofjulia’s new 5-day format

Folks, I’m going to change things up a little bit around here. Pagesofjulia is going to move to a 5-day format, posting Monday-Friday and taking the weekends off. Traffic seems to slow a little bit on the weekends as it is, and for those of you who do drop by on Saturday & Sunday, well, I hope you can be happy to catch up on the week’s posts? I think five posts a week is a comfortable rate for me to keep up and I hope I can continue to provide content that you’re interested in returning for! Sorry for the late notice, but yes that’s right, I am taking this weekend *off* and we will return to regular posts on Monday, May 21, continuing 5 days per week from then forward. I hope you’ll stay with me. 🙂 Thanks for your support!

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