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I have mentioned before that there are changes afoot around here at pagesofjulia. Now, I’m seeking a little input.

Starting December 30, I will be a student in West Virginia Wesleyan College‘s Master of Fine Arts program studying creative writing, specifically creative nonfiction. This is a full-time commitment, so I’ll be taking my work for Shelf Awareness back to a minimal level: probably one review a month, to start with, while I find out how much free time I have from school.

This means less time (and built-in material) for pagesofjulia, too, obviously. I have found this blog so rewarding and educational an experience, and I’m humbled to have all your follows & comments. I would never want to let this thing go away. But I do have to make more time, and more space in my brain and reading/writing time, for this new priority. I’ve had some thoughts (and some input – thanks Liz) about how I might continue to keep some activity going here, and hopefully keep most of my readers more or less satisfied.

I’m thinking one post a week is a realistic goal, especially if all those posts aren’t wholly new content. And I’m interested in sharing my grad school experience with you, to a certain extent. I thought I could do some combination of reprising older posts, with comments on how my thoughts are changing, or about what books I’m interested in rereading as an MFA student (Joe Gould’s Teeth comes to mind). And I thought I’d do some quick updates on what I’m reading, what I’m writing, and what I’m thinking about on a given day. These would be super short, but hopefully follow the general theme of pagesofjulia. Maybe some teaser-style posts as I find bits of writing I want to share, too. And, the odd review for the Shelf, naturally.

So I would love to know what you’d like to see happen here as life twists and turns. If you could take a minute to answer the poll here, I would be grateful. And of course, if you have further thoughts, please do comment as ever!

The second question is about what day of the week you’d like to see me post. If you have a strong feeling about this, please let me know in a comment. Otherwise, we’ll probably be looking at nice, neutral Wednesdays.

Thanks for your support, friends. And, until the new year begins, don’t worry, I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

6 Responses

  1. I would love to hear about grad school and what you’re reading, thinking, etc! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I would just say: don’t get too hung up on a blog schedule (okay, maybe a “minimum”); don’t underestimate the utility of registry to push postings out to us; I would hate to think you would constrict your muse because of a schedule; you may find that giving yourself permission to use short-form & ad-hoc posting is more productive than expected; low expectations (quantity, not quality) allow for over-delivery! (if you want)

    First: enjoy the adventure!

  3. I’m mostly self-taught as a writer, so I would be interested in hearing about the MFA program, (They are, as I’m sure you know, not uncontroversial — I’ve heard strong opinions both pro and con.)

    Day of the week doesn’t really matter to me.

    And the occasional Hemingway post would be good, too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just quoted this on another blog about ten minutes ago, by the way:

    โ€œIn going where you have to go, and doing what you have to do, and seeing what you have to see, you dull and blunt the instrument you write with. But I would rather have it bent and dulled and know I had to put it on the grindstone again and hammer it into shape and put a whetstone to it, and know that I had something to write about, than to have it bright and shining and nothing to say, or smooth and well oiled in the closet, but unused.โ€

    • Hemingway never got an MFA! Ha. Yes, I know there is much discussion about the usefulness and cost-effectiveness, and let it be known that I don’t have great aspirations that this degree will immediately turn around and pay for itself (like my last one did, thank you libraries). Low-residency programs seem to get a slightly kinder review out there, because they tend to cost less (in terms of money as well as other resources), but are not free of controversy, either. I feel pretty confident I’m going into this with eyes open and reasonable expectations. And I’m very pleased with the program I’ve chosen. I visited last summer and got to know a number of faculty & students I’ve kept in touch with, and they impress me greatly. So. I’ll be glad to keep you (all) more or less in touch.

      As for more Hemingway – I would like that, too! I haven’t had much Hemingway in my hands in some time, and I’m not sure this next chapter of life will change that any, but I will keep your request in mind ๐Ÿ™‚ and I’m always looking for him, myself.

      Thanks for your continued participation, Anthony.

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