Books Read 2015, alpha by author

The Light of the World, Elizabeth Alexander – nonfiction
The Japanese Lover, Isabel Allende – fiction
Body Toxic, Susanne Antonetta – nonfiction
Saint Mazie, Jami Attenberg – fiction
Palimpsest: A History of the Written Word, Matthew Battles – nonfiction
Spinster: Making a Life of One’s Own, Kate Bolick – nonfiction
All Over But the Shoutin’, Rick Bragg – nonfiction
My Southern Journey, Rick Bragg – nonfiction
The Family Tree, Karen Branan – nonfiction
Pegasus Descending, James Lee Burke – fiction
The Domino Diaries: My Decade Boxing with Olympic Champions and Chasing Hemingway’s Ghost in the Last Days of Castro’s Cuba Brin-Jonathan Butler – nonfiction
The Red Storm, Grant Bywaters – fiction
Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Truman Capote – fiction
Brooklyn: A Personal Memoir: With the Lost Photographs of David Attie, Truman Capote – nonfiction
The Annihilation of Nature, Gerardo Ceballos, Anne H. Ehrlich and Paul R. Ehrlich – nonfiction
Did You Ever Have a Family, Bill Clegg – fiction
The Iceberg, Marion Coutts – nonfiction
The Wild Swan: And Other Tales, Michael Cunningham – fiction
Miss Zukas and the Library Murders, Jo Dereske – fiction
The Living, Annie Dillard – fiction
The Writing Life, Annie Dillard – nonfiction
Martin Marten, Brian Doyle – fiction
Girl in the Moonlight, Charles Dubow – fiction
Journey to Texas, 1833, Detlef Dunt et al – nonfiction
South Toward Home, Margaret Eby – nonfiction
Mot, Sarah Einstein – nonfiction
Old Heart, Peter Ferry – fiction
We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler – fiction
Hyacinth Girls, Lauren Frankel – fiction
Lo! Jacaranda: A Spanish Gypsy’s Cante Jondo, Harry Freiermuth – fiction
The Secret Place, Tana French – fiction
Inside the O’Briens, Lisa Genova – fiction
Paris Red, Maureen Gibbon – fiction
Writers, Barry Gifford – fiction
Course Correction: A Story of Rowing and Resilience in the Wake of Title IX, Ginny Gilder – nonfiction
Paulina & Fran, Rachel B. Glaser – fiction
In the Spider’s Web, Jerome Gold – fiction
Secrets in the Vines, Jane Golden – fiction
A Buzz in the Meadow: The Natural History of a French Farm, Dave Goulson – nonfiction
The Last September, Nina de Gramont – fiction
Dispatches from Pluto: Lost and Found in the Mississippi Delta, Richard Grant – nonfiction
Hannah Mary Tabbs and the Disembodied Torso, Kali Nicole Gross – nonfiction
A is for Arsenic, Kathryn Harkup – nonfiction
The Kiss, Kathryn Harrison – nonfiction
The Rarest Bird in the World, Vernon R. L. Head – nonfiction
The Casualties, Nick Holdstock – fiction
Bottomland, Michelle Hoover – fiction
While Glaciers Slept, M Jackson – nonfiction
A Greater Ireland: The Land League and Transatlantic Nationalism in Gilded Age America, Ely M. Janis – nonfiction
The Anger Meridian, Kaylie Jones – fiction
The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy, Rachel Joyce – fiction
Every Last Tie, David Kaczynski – nonfiction
The Vegetarian, Han Kang – fiction
The Liars’ Club, Mary Karr – nonfiction
Red Dirt Women: At Home on the Oklahoma Plains, Susan Kates – nonfiction
Last Ragged Breath, Julia Keller – fiction
The Heart, Maylis de Kerangal – fiction
The Wake, Paul Kingsnorth – fiction
Half in Shade, Judith Kitchen – nonfiction
Still Life With Insects, Brian Kiteley – fiction
Memento Mori, Paul Koudounaris – nonfiction
Voices of the Wild, Bernie Krause – nonfiction
Call Me Home, Megan Kruse – fiction
The Children’s Home, Charles Lambert – fiction
Bird by Bird, Anne Lamott – nonfiction
Coming of Age at the End of Days, Alice LaPlante – fiction
Atlas of Cursed Places, Olivier Le Carrer – nonfiction
Wondering Who You Are, Sonya Lea – nonfiction
Things That Are, Amy Leach – nonfiction
The Mountain Can Wait, Sarah Leipciger – fiction
Lanterne Rouge, Max Leonard – nonfiction
Breaking Wild, Diane Les Becquets – fiction
The Narrow Door, Paul Lisicky – nonfiction
War Music, Christopher Logue – fiction
The Darling, Lorraine M. López – fiction
Going Driftless: Life Lessons from the Heartland for Unraveling Times, Stephen J. Lyons – nonfiction
Hammer Head: The Making of a Carpenter, Nina MacLaughlin – nonfiction
Life and Death in the Andes, Kim MacQuarrie – nonfiction
La Sagouine, Antonine Maillet – fiction
The Lola Quartet, Emily St. John Mandel – fiction
Station Eleven, Emily St. John Mandel – fiction
Strong Inside: Perry Wallace and the Collision of Race and Sports in the South, Andrew Maraniss – nonfiction
The Wild Party, Joseph Moncure March (illustrated by Art Spiegelman) – fiction
The Winter Girl, Matt Marinovich – fiction
Home is Burning, Dan Marshall – nonfiction
Of Things Gone Astray, Janina Matthewson – fiction
Forensics: What Bugs, Burns, Prints, DNA and More Tell Us About Crime, Val McDermid – nonfiction
Norman Maclean, Ron McFarland and Hugh Nichols (ed.) – nonfiction
A View From the Bridge, Arthur Miller – fiction
Season of the Body, Brenda Miller – nonfiction
Tell It Slant, Brenda Miller & Suzanne Paola – nonfiction
Pretty Is, Maggie Mitchell – fiction
The Tender Bar, JR Moehringer – nonfiction
The Wilderness of Ruin: A Tale of Madness, Fire, and the Hunt for America’s Youngest Serial Killer, Roseanne Montillo – nonfiction
Two Wheels, Greg Moody – fiction
Dear Mister Essay Writer Guy, Dinty W. Moore – nonfiction
Bobby Wonderful: An Imperfect Son Buries His Parents, Bob Morris – nonfiction
God Help the Child, Toni Morrison – fiction
We Were Brothers, Barry Moser – nonfiction
The Fish Ladder, Katharine Norbury – nonfiction
Worlds Between, Carl Nordgren – fiction
Alex Haley: And the Books That Changed a Nation, Robert J. Norrell – nonfiction
Mary McGrory: The First Queen of Journalism, John Norris – nonfiction
Dakota, Kathleen Norris – nonfiction
Church of Marvels, Leslie Parry – fiction
The Unraveling of Mercy Louis, Keija Parssinen – fiction
The Insect Farm, Stuart Prebble – fiction
Tuesday Nights in 1980, Molly Prentiss – fiction
Finding Abbey: The Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Desert Grave, Sean Prentiss – nonfiction
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932, Francine Prose – fiction
Thunder & Lightning: Weather Past, Present, Future, Lauren Redniss – nonfiction
The Savage Professor, Robert Roper – fiction
One Out of Two, Daniel Sada – fiction
The Red Kettle, Janelle Scott – fiction
The Winter’s Tale, William Shakespeare – fiction
Trans/Portraits: Voices From Transgender Communities, Jackson Wright Shultz (ed.) – nonfiction
Untangling the Knot: Queer Voices on Marriage, Relationships & Identity, Carter Sickels (ed.) – nonfiction
My Life with Berti Spranger, Eva Jana Siroka – fiction
Wolf’s Mouth, John Smolens – fiction
Tug-of-War, Judith Somborac – fiction
Arcadian Nights, John Spurling – fiction
A Clue to the Exit, Edward St. Aubyn – fiction
The Magician, E.J. Stauffer – fiction
The Big Rock Candy Mountain, Wallace Stegner – fiction
My Life on the Road, Gloria Steinem – nonfiction
Wild, Cheryl Strayed – nonfiction
The Elements of Style, Strunk & White – nonfiction
Sunny’s Nights, Tim Sultan – nonfiction
Uncontrolled Spin, Jerry Summers – fiction
The Book of Speculation, Erika Swyler – fiction
The Treacherous Net, Helene Tursten – fiction
The Merman, Carl-Johan Vallgren – fiction
Pets!, various – fiction
Maud’s Line, Margaret Verble – fiction
The Diver’s Clothes Lay Empty, Vendela Vida – fiction
Because She Never Asked, Enrique Vila-Matas – fiction
Smoke, Dan Vyleta – fiction
In a Dark, Dark Wood, Ruth Ware – fiction
The Sound of Gravel, Ruth Wariner – nonfiction
Madeleine’s War, Peter Watson – fiction
Ostend, Volker Weidermann – nonfiction
Slow Burn, Andrew Welsh-Huggins – fiction
Travels in Vermeer, Michael White – nonfiction
Pieces of White Shell, Terry Tempest Williams – nonfiction
Refuge, Terry Tempest Williams – nonfiction
The Gap of Time, Jeanette Winterson – fiction
The Cowshed, Ji Xianlin – nonfiction
I Must Tell You, Tibor Zak – nonfiction
Mislaid, Nell Zink – fiction

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