Review Policy

Update: I am so busy reading for work (paid reviews, and my own writing work) that I am just about completely unable to accept offered books for review. I’m sorry. There might be the odd exception, so feel free to read the below comments, and if you really think we might be a good match, do still email me. But be aware I may say no. Thank you so much for your interest in my reviews.

I’m flattered that I have found a need to add this policy to my blog! Many thanks to the authors, publishers, and publicists that have emailed me offering me books for review. I can’t accept them all, though. I am a fairly busy person. Ideally, I function as a full-time librarian, part-time book reviewer for Shelf Awareness and ForeWord Reviews, wife, daughter, dog owner, leisure-reader, competitive cyclist, and craft beer enthusiast. My TBR shelf is actually four shelves, and some weeks I get a dozen books in the mail from my employers. So, if you were thinking of offering me a book for review:

  • Please look around my blog and see if it’s likely to appeal to me. I do read eclectically, but I’m especially interested in mystery/thrillers, nature writing, and biography. You will not attract me with romance or anything religious in nature.
  • Know that your book, if I receive it, will be passed on when I’m done: to a library that accepts donations or to friends & family.
  • Be aware that I won’t necessarily be quick! If I accept a book for review, I generally get it written up within three months, but sometimes no sooner. If this timeline doesn’t work for you, no hard feelings on my part.
  • I do not read e-books! I don’t have an e-reader and have no interest.
  • If you’d like me to read your book, and it qualifies after you’ve noted the above, send me an email at And many thanks!

2 Responses

  1. I just read your review of Peter Ferry’s book, and I’m going right out to get it…I have a memoir coming out next May, The Last Cadillac, from Amphorae Publishing Group. I would love for you to review it. It’s the story of the “sandwich” I found myself in, taking care of my elderly father and two small kids on an island in Florida….btw, I tried you email tab, but it didn’t info posted below. Thanks, Julia, for your blog…Cheers! Nancy Nau Sullivan

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