A Song for the River by Philip Connors

Today a simple repost of my review from back in June. Philip Connors’s A Song for the River was released yesterday, and you should get yourself a copy.

Connors writes,

On one quiet stretch of water I looked up at the tiered mesas above us and felt it might be true that my life was both a fire and a river, depending on the moment and the vantage from which it was viewed–and never more like a river than in moments like this.

My review, again, is here. Thank you.

2 Responses

  1. https://www.americanrivers.org/2019/12/big-news-for-the-gila-river-americas-most-endangered-river-for-2019/
    This post from American Rivers provides a poignant & suitable postscript for Conners’ book. The proposed dam on the upper reaches of the Gila River has been stopped, thanks to the efforts of characters & orgs that are central to his story – and his theme.

    As the article says: “the real credit for this victory should go to the local people on the ground, who have been fighting this issue for well over a decade. That includes the Gila Conservation Coalition, the Upper Gila Watershed Alliance, and the Center for Biological Diversity. They have all done years of organizing, fundraising, events, and outreach to save the Gila from this project, and they deserve lots of credit.”

    But, as this article also indicates, such zombie projects are never really ‘dead’; constant vigilance is required.

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