fizzling out on a Friday

I don’t have a book to tell you about today, friends. I know! I’m sorry! But rather than go silent, I thought I’d give you a little photo tour of what I’ve been up to lately that explains why I haven’t been reading at the usual pace… well, it’s more complicated than that, but look at these pretty pictures first and then I’ll tell you about the books at the end.

When not reading, I have been:

Mountain biking in Australia with Husband (pictured) and our friends/local hosts Kristi & Brian


Hiking in Australia with Kristi (pictured)


Petting a kangaroo!


Hiking with my Pops and the dogs not far from Houston


Awww (that’s Ritchey in the flowers)


Visiting sister-in-law Julie (pictured) and her husband David, in North Carolina, with Husband


Aaand, I confess, always a little of this. (Beers with my parents at my local favorite, Mongoose vs. Cobra.)

And what about the reading? Well, I do some of that too:

(Camping out, and reading while not mountain biking, at Double Lake)

But seriously, I have been reading as furiously as ever; we’re just caught in a strange lull right now, for a few reasons. For one, I’ve been doing a lot of reading for the book reviews I write for Shelf Awareness, which means that I read a book, write a review, submit it for editing & publication, and then am able to post said review after it publishes – which is easily 6-8 weeks after I read the book. So I’ve got a backlog of great reading to tell you about, but none of it is ready to post yet. In between, I’ve been listening to The Hunchback of Notre Dame on audiobook, which is great but long and means I won’t have an audiobook to tell you about for another week and a half at least.

All of which are just excuses, and I’m sorry that I don’t have a great book to tell you about right now! But speaking of excuses – I have now justified showing you pictures of my fun times & the beautiful people in my life, so we’re all winners on that count. 🙂

Happy Friday, and thanks for your patience, friends. Maybe I’ll read another de Maupassant short story over the weekend and have that to write up for you on Monday! In the meantime, more bikes in this lovely spring weather, please!

4 Responses

  1. nice picture of the two Julies

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  3. […] years: in 2012 I had just had knee surgery and couldn’t ride, and in 2013 I chose to go to Australia to see friends instead. So I last wrote about Terlingua and Lajitas back in 2011. It was so very good to be back […]

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