Teaser Tuesdays: Something Rising (Light and Swift) by Haven Kimmel

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. The idea is to open your current read to a random page and share a few sentences. And try not to include spoilers!



I came across this audiobook as I sometimes do, with audio, entirely by accident. I was not familiar with the name Haven Kimmel. It turns out she’s the author of A Girl Named Zippy – a title that rings a bell but still doesn’t tell me much. So I am very pleasantly surprised to say that I love this book and hang on its every word. For example, a phrase like this:

The sun was a violence against Cassie’s back. Sweat ran toward her eyes.

The sun was a violence. That is attention to word choice, my friends. And the sweat didn’t run into her eyes, but toward them. It implies more motion this way, somehow, the suspense of whether the sweat will actually get into her eyes or if we’ll see some action to interrupt it. It’s attention to detail like this, along with an engaging storyline, that hook me. I hope you’re enjoying your reading this week, too!

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