Massachusetts and Vermont travel report

I shall try to keep this brief for you; but I want to at least list the things I saw and did on my trip up north in late October. With pictures.

I flew to Boston on a Friday night after work to join my parents where they were house-sitting for a month in a lovely home belonging to family in Concord. We spent Saturday in Boston, walking the Freedom Trail there, which exhibits historical landmarks like cemeteries, churches, and monuments (and starts and finishes in Boston Common – lovely). We had lobster for lunch (out) and swordfish for dinner (in) and it was an exhausting, but exciting, first day.

greenhouse in our Concord home

Granary Burying Ground in Boston

Sunday we spent in the Concord area, starting with Walden Pond, which was lovely – you will recall a picture I posted recently. We took a sampling of the Concord town sights, including the Concord Museum, the Emerson House, the Wayside, and the Orchard House. Clearly this was a breakneck pace, less than ideal to take everything in. The guided tour my mother and I took at the Wayside was great and I recommend it; hopefully the others offered similar quality but I didn’t have the time to explore.

Thoreau’s cabin site at Walden Pond

Monday we drove to Salem to see a few sites related to Nathaniel Hawthorne: the Custom House (of The Scarlet Letter) and the House of the Seven Gables (of the novel of the same name). We also visited the Witch Trials Memorial, a sober reminder of the history of this town, which was overrun in late October with plasticky, touristy, “fun” witchiness which was a little less respectful, methinks.

statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne in Salem

And later in the day, Pops and I headed back into Boston for a quick pub tour. He had it narrowed down for me to a favorite three, and I may as well give them the free advertising here for what it’s worth. We started and finished at Redbones, a barbecue (!) spot with great beers and a comfy atmosphere. I would like to have that place within walking distance. The beers at John Harvard’s were good, not world-class, but it was in a neighborhood I had to see. And the Druid seemed a fine example of the Irish pub I’d been hunting – and Pops is still raving about the oxtail soup.

I was scheduled to head to Vermont on Tuesday – Pops driving me up there, isn’t he a peach – but we took the morning first to revisit the Battleground Road between Lexington and Concord, again at a faster-than-ideal pace. We had stopped off at the Old North Bridge, where the American Revolutionary War began, on Sunday evening. It made an impression. And we had glimpsed the Old Manse from without – I regret not finding time for a tour of the interior. Now we visited a few stops along the Battleground Road (think Paul Revere, “the British are coming”).

statue of a colonial soldier at the Old North Bridge: they put down their plows and they took up their muskets…

And then we started out for Vermont, where Pops had time for a short walk with Molly & her family & I before he headed back to Concord. Bye, Pops.

Wednesday I had a fairly lazy day on the farm in Vermont, which felt well-deserved after the busy days in Massachusetts. I was reuniting with my old friend Molly, who moved here with her husband and new baby this summer, and is now just 100 yards away from her parents.

Molly and I on the deck

Thursday we took a hike up nearby Whiteface Mountain…

green and mossy

And Friday was mostly another lazy day. I held a baby.

look how he’s grown!

And Saturday was a full travel day Houston-bound. Happy to be home, as always! I missed Husband and the dogs, and they missed me. But I also miss those lovely views.

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