hypothetical travels: drawing to a close

I am nearing the end of my weeklong vacation and I am homeward bound this weekend. Hopefully I have seen lots of sights in Concord, Salem, and Boston, Mass.; visited some great pubs; had plenty of quality time with my parents, and with my girlfriend and her family in Vermont; tromped the woods, tickled the baby, and possibly even slept in some. And what about my reading material?? So glad you asked! I do owe you some book reviews upon my return. (We’ll have to see if I can get on top of it for Monday morning…)

The books I packed for the trip include:

Henry David Thoreau’s Walden

Stephen King’s The Shining (audio version, on my iPod)

James Baldwin’s Notes of a Native Son

And something by either Ernest Hemingway or Edward Abbey. Reviews coming!

Thanks for bearing with me during this week that I’ve been away. I’ll be back in the flesh (so to speak) on Monday, assuming the creek didn’t rise! And back home to my Husband and dogs, which will be sweet.

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  1. Safe journey home!

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