reporting on World Book Night

Hey hey! How was everybody’s World Book Night? On Monday night, I headed straight from work (after changing into my blue jeans!) to my favorite local pub, Liberty Station. Husband met me there, and I guess I gave away four books in about the first two and a half minutes! Wait, I’ll back up.

As I explained repeatedly that night, World Book Night enables regular people like myself to give away books they believe in, thanks to the cooperation of authors, publishers, bookstores, libraries, and impassioned bookies of all sorts. The book that I was able to give away was the amazing The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, by Rebecca Skloot. Here is my review (from my early blogging days, as you may note). WBN gave me 20 copies of their special edition to give away, which I picked up at a local Barnes & Noble on Friday after work.

I got to the bar and unpacked my books on a table and got myself a pint, and it was that easy: people approached me while I was still unpacking. “What are you doing?” “What is this?” “Is that your book?” Ha! I got that last one a few times, which was fun. No, I’m not here pushing MY book, although that’s a fun thought. I actually had several people who were in from the get-go, ready to take my word for it, but more frequently they wanted to hear about the book. Luckily I have plenty of nice things to say in description of HeLa; it was an easy sell, especially for two bar patrons who are studying medicine but “never have time to read.” And you know I got the bartender hooked up, and the owner/manager, a friend of ours. Hi Charles!

One guy needed a harder sell: he was concerned that I was selling him a cult religion, or a self-help method, or a pyramid scheme, or that *this* book was free but in a month I’d want $50 for my kid’s school project… In other words, he needed to hear more about what WBN was all about. Luckily, the special WBN edition has that information in the front & back cover, and he was enthused once he understood.

I am kicking myself for not taking pictures! I talked with a bunch of people, almost every one of whom took a book with many thanks; one guy tried to tip me (I declined). I’m just sorry I didn’t save a copy for the guys in the Coreano’s food truck (I had a yummy burrito, thanks! that “el scorcho” sauce is no joke). I took a very casual 45 minutes or so to give away 20 books, while drinking beer (Lost Gold IPA from Real Ale, then Karbach’s Hopadillo IPA, then Karbach’s Weisse Versa – figured you might want to know) and eating my food-truck dinner. What more could a girl ask? Oh, I know, pictures. 😦

Special thanks to our friends at Karbach Brewing for the beers – y’all are doing a great job! Keep it up!

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  1. Sounds fun. I didn’t learn about this in time, but there is always next year. I love the guy who needed reassurance. I used to work for a newspaper and people would freak out if we gave them a free newspaper. They wanted to know the conditions.

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