a couple of movies

During my week home from work recovering from knee surgery, I mostly read books, but I also watched more movies than usual. You’ve already most likely seen my Gone With the Wind movie review; here’s a quick run-through of a few more.

Mary and Max (2009): Recommended by my buddy Barrett, this animated movie is about a little Australian girl and an older Jewish New Yorker who become pen pals by chance and possibly save each other’s lives. Sad, yes, but also cute and heartwarming by turns. I really enjoyed the animation; it’s either Claymation or a fine computer-done imitation thereof.

Boogie Nights (1997): Lent to me by Laurissa & Drew, because I ❤ Mark Wahlburg. Wahlburg is a youngster in the 70's when he's spotted by a big-time artsy porn director who helps him make it big (ha) as porn star Dirk Diggler; but the sex-and-drugs lifestyle may prove too much for him to handle… Most of it was great fun and sexy times, but in the (unavoidable) spirit of movies like Blow and Studio 54, everything goes rather to sh*t. I ended up a little bummed out.

Crybaby (1990): Johnny Depp stars in a John Waters film that borrows a little from Grease and a little from Rebel Without a Cause. Depp is Crybaby, one of the bad boys, but one of the good girls is attracted to him; cue story book, with all the 50’s hair and leather and rockin’ tunes. Good fun, if quite weird.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly (1966): I confess: I put this on too late at night, while I was on pain pills. So, maybe it was partly me. I know this is a classic. It’s from an age when movies were paced quite differently (read: slooow) and I fell asleep; and even while I was awake I was failing to keep track of who was who. I wasn’t engaged. Further blasphemy: I’ve seen the Star Wars movies repeatedly and still can’t follow them. Similar failure to engage. Sorry. :-/

Funny, I didn’t watch nearly as many movies as I thought I would. I do have a towering stack of loaned DVD’s still sitting at home. We’ll see.

2 Responses

  1. Good mix of movies!

  2. […] work for me, as westerns seem to be one of the genres that fail to penetrate my thick skull (cf. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly). But with the volume turned way up (Clint Eastwood had marbles in his mouth, no?), Husband helping […]

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