best of 2011: year’s end

Yes, I know there’s some time left. Perhaps I will add to this if the final weeks change anything, but I wanted to get this up with some time to spare, and maybe inspire you to share YOUR best books of the year! In no particular order, I give you the best books I read in 2011.

Those published in 2011:

Those published previous to 2011:

I’m so glad to know such great recommenders!! Thomas sent me a copy of Some Tame Gazelle as a prize for having cute dogs, and Simon recommended Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead. My editor at Shelf Awareness, Marilyn, assigned me Hemingway’s Boat and The Barbarian Nurseries. Raych doesn’t know it but she inspired me to read Rebecca, and a series of blogs influenced me to finally get around to In Cold Blood and We Have Always Lived in the Castle (I’m sorry I can’t remember who you all are… but you made a difference!). And finally, Amy has recommended several great books to me this year, most notably Kushiel’s Dart. Thank you all so much; you make it all worthwhile!

So how about it? Please tell me you have a best-of post to come, hmmm? Post a link here so we can all share around. And thanks for the recommendations! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention, and again, so glad you loved the Comyns! I always do a top ten (or more..) but I leave it until the absolute last week of the year, in case anything else sneaks in!

  2. How exciting that Barbara Pym made it onto your favorite list for 2011.
    Also excited that Main Street made it, but I am not responsible for that one.

  3. I love these end-of-the year lists! The Paris Wife is the only 2011 title I’ve read (had to keep reminding myself it’s fiction), but have enjoyed quite of few of the older titles. Plan to read Some Tame Gazelle in 2012.

    • Be sure and let me know when you do; I’d love to get your impressions! I really enjoyed doing this list, too. 🙂 It doubles as a display at my library! I have best-of-2011 from several sources up right now.

      Did you love The Paris Wife? I don’t recall seeing a review if you did one…

      • Just realized I never did review The Paris Wife! I listened to if after reading A Moveable Feast – it was a perfect follow-up! Will try to get in a mini-review before the end of the year. I have quite a few to finish…

  4. Would make a great companion read to A Moveable Feast indeed.

  5. […] suspenseful. This book is fun and exhilarating and I highly recommend it! Go ahead and add it to my Best of 2011 list. (See, I knew I was jumping the gun…) Share this:FacebookTwitterPrintEmailLike […]

  6. […] these, I did of course have favorites… you can refer back to my premature Best of 2011 post of December 1, to which I’ve since added 11/22/63 and The Home-Maker, for an unwieldy […]

  7. […] suspenseful. This book is fun and exhilarating and I highly recommend it! Go ahead and add it to my Best of 2011 list. (See, I knew I was jumping the […]

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