two-wheeled thoughts: Anonymous

two-wheeled thoughts

Good health to all, good pleasure, good speed,
A favoring breeze – but not too high
For the homeward spin! Who rides may read
The open secret of earth and sky.
–Anonymous, Scribner’s Magazine, June 1895, as quoted in Around the World on Two Wheels

And today I must add: my knee is getting better. I’m out of PT and back on the bike, on shorter road rides (yesterday I got up to 3 hours, although it was depressingly challenging). Today is a happy day: I am off to Huntsville State Park for my first mountain biking in almost 3 months! Cross your fingers for my knee and my fitness level. 🙂 If I’m not too unhappy with my performance I’d love to race the Dave Boyd Memorial Huntsville race in a few weeks…

Those are my two-wheeled thoughts for the day.

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