hemingWay of the Day: with love

According to Paul Hendrickson in his meticulously researched Hemingway’s Boat which I respect and admire very much, Hemingway wrote to Sara Murphy (an old friend from the Paris days) in December of 1935 of his concerns on aging… his work habits… and a recent hunting trip with his son Patrick. The part I like the best (and which strangely echoes Gertrude Stein) is his closing,

with very much love much love and love also with love.

I love you too, Papa.

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  1. I need to pick this book up.

  2. To Have and Have Not is one of those that gets the flak in his later, weaker work… along with Across the River and Into the Trees and The Garden of Eden (posthumously published, who knows how pieced together by last wife Mary). But I still appreciate them all. No question the two faves you mention are stronger though! For Whom the Bell Tolls is definitely my most favorite, but I have a soft spot for everything he wrote.

    • I actually enjoyed Across the River. I know a lot of people hate it. I still haven’t read The Garden of Eden.

      • I have enjoyed every last thing of his I’ve read. Although I did see the weaknesses in Across the River, I liked it. The Garden of Eden I enjoyed VERY much and found really fascinating, although it’s been heavily criticized – not just as a work of art, but also because we don’t know how much of it was really his. It lends itself pretty heavily towards the psychoanalyzing of Hem as gender-confused and all that, too, for better or for worse… without pretending to understand him perfectly, I do find it a fascinating view into such a complex dude. You should read it; I’d love to know your impressions. If you lived up the block I’d loan you a copy 😛

  3. I’ll have to track a copy down. Sounds like I should read it to round out my knowledge and love.

    • Like I said, it’s not considered a major or important work… you could call yourself pretty well rounded out without it 🙂 but for me, personally, it was an important part of my understanding of him. Easy to miss as I think it was published in the 80’s?

  4. Dear Julia. I am the author of ‘Hemingway’s Boat,’ and I thank you for your kind words, and I thank also your apparently devoted following.
    Yours sincerely, Paul Hendrickson

  5. Not a big fan of his writing, but that is a very sweet way to end a letter 🙂

  6. […] as Shelf Awareness book reviewer worthwhile. (PH also recently came around here to comment on a post, which I found very exciting. Hi Paul!) I wholeheartedly recommend this book for fans of Hemingway, […]

  7. […] It contains an excerpt from Paul Hendrickson’s new book, Hemingway’s Boat, which you may have noticed I am mad for (main review here). I don’t have any kind of electronic version of it. Sorry. […]

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