presents in the mail!

What great fun! I got presents in the mail this week! There is some irony here: I came across a post many months ago in which Thomas of My Porch observed, as a thing that puzzles him:

Mailbox Mondays. Who is sending all of these books? Is there an international directory of mailing addresses that I don’t have access to? I don’t necessarily want to get books, but I sometimes want to send books. But I feel like sending books unsolicited would seem a little creepy. How does one ask for an address without seeming to be a stalker?

This resonated with me because I, too, had always wondered where all these books come from. Since then, I’ve begun reviewing books for Shelf Awareness, which means they send me books in the mail frequently. But! Here’s the irony. My first personally-sent, gifted books from a fellow blogger have come from Thomas himself! You may recall that my wonderful two little dogs won Thomas’s Best Picture of a Pet Reading Brookner contest (yay). Well, I got books!

Thank you so much, Thomas, for not only sending me these two books that I am very interested in getting into, but also hand-selecting them for me! I asked nicely to have my reading horizons broadened, with a hint regarding Barbara Pym, and Thomas has chosen for me: Pym’s Some Tame Gazelle (what an interesting title, what on earth??) and The Home-Maker by Dorothy Canfield. I believe the latter is the one he mentioned as “a Persephone title, but unfortunately not in the Persephone edition” – although it is a Cassandra edition, which makes it a women’s-name-edition, for whatever that’s worth. Of the former, Thomas wrote me that “not many (if any) write about it, but I really liked it.” Thomas, I will be pleased to be one of not many to write about it. 🙂 I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it terribly soon because I’m rather reading-busy right now, but I do have a vacation coming up! (We’re headed to the Florida Keys because I hurt my knee so we can’t do the intended mountain biking trip in Colorado. Thus, more reading time.) So, reviews of both of these books are to come on this blog, if not absolutelyrightnow. And I feel like such a lucky girl to have these books personally selected for me. Again, Thomas, many thanks.

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