the boys win.

Thank you to Thomas of My Porch for recognizing my darlings in the Best Picture of a Pet Reading Brookner contest! You can see a cavalcade (great word) of pets reading Brookner here. Go check out the whole IABD blog for a bunch of reviews and other Brookner miscellany. Like cute pictures. Thanks Thomas!

Ritchey and Hops are mesmerized

My review of Brookner’s Hotel du Lac is here.

4 Responses

  1. That’s awesome!

  2. […] gifted books from a fellow blogger have come from Thomas himself! You may recall that my wonderful two little dogs won Thomas’s Best Picture of a Pet Reading Brookner contest (yay). Well, I got […]

  3. […] so glad to know such great recommenders!! Thomas sent me a copy of Some Tame Gazelle as a prize for having cute dogs, and Simon recommended Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead. My editor at Shelf Awareness, Marilyn, […]

  4. […] My Porch, again, for sending me this book along with the also-lovely Some Tame Gazelle. (This was because I have cute dogs. Lucky me!) Thank you, Thomas! You did so splendidly selecting books for […]

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