Doomsday Wrestling

Husband was out of town for the last Doomsday Wrestling event (the Spaghetti Supper Spectacular, back in March), which I attended with a friend (hi, Leach) in his absence. It was such a blast that he was very excited to escort me this time around.

These shows are a riot, I tell you. Doomsday Wrestling is a local (Houston) wrestling troupe, putting on shows sort of like your WWE pay-per-view events – except that these guys take themselves even less seriously. There is a heavier emphasis on comedy and a lighter emphasis on wrestling. There’s even a literary connection: I originally learned about the genius of Doomsday from a librarian friend, whose partner is a wrestler.

It’s pure fun. If you were ever a fan of televised wrestling (the funny costumed kind, not the truly athletic kind – that’s important), you will love this silliness. There are full-on, developed characters, with personalities, costumes, histories, relationships, and hopes & ambitions just like the rest of us. There’s a full-on story-line, just like at the WWE, with all the same soap-opera-style twists. But this is BETTER than the WWE, because it’s cheaper, it’s local, and you can get right up close to these guys and gals. You can even get a glossy 8×10 for them to sign, and take pictures with them and everything. Librarian-friend tells me her man gets recognized out on the town. How fun is that?

Look out for such crazy personalities as Lady Rabies, who foams at the mouth while in the ring, Lil Dickens, the amiable King Candy, and one of my very favorites, Hot Flash.

Lady Rabies

Lil Dickens

King Candy

Hot Flash

And don’t forget my favorite announcer, Tex Lonestar.

Tex Lonestar

Seriously, this is funny & fun stuff. Husband & I had a blast and feel sorry it’ll be so long til the next one!

One Response

  1. Not too long for the next one!

    Saturday, October 1st at NUMBERS!

    Thanks for the kind words. This is a heckuva blog!

    See ya in the ring!

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