my target audience

Yet again, Sheila at Book Journey gives me something good to write about. This is another topic that I was just ready to write on! Thanks Sheila.

Her post from last Monday was Who Do You Write Your Book Reviews For?, and it’s a good question. She says that she was turned off, at first, at the idea of blogging just for the sake of other bloggers. It sounds like she felt it was stagnating, for the same books to make the rounds of the same bloggers; where’s the difference she hoped to make? I can sympathize, although I do think that the non-blogging public is listening, too.

So it’s a good question: who do we write for? I started my blog mostly as a way to keep track of what I’ve read and what I thought about it, with my library patrons in mind. I think I considered briefly advertising it here at the library, as a reader’s advisory service, but that idea went out the window pretty quickly. This isn’t a library blog; it’s my personal reading blog. I enjoy having visitors from all walks of life (vocations, locations…) and I really enjoy just writing about books and my personal thoughts; my audience is whoever it turns out to be. I originally just conceived of it as a tool to record my reading for me! But I love the idea that I might help someone else make decisions about what to read or what not to read (what might be suited to one’s tastes). And to the extent that I write about the events in my personal life, it’s also a way to keep friends and family up to date. I enjoy writing and this helps me to develop my “voice” and keep it honed. An all-purpose blog, perhaps.

What about you? Why do you blog, and who do you see as your target audience?

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