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Today’s theme post, as hosted by Armchair BEA, is my favorite book blogs and bloggers. This is kind of an easy one to write! You can see my blogroll over to the right –> and down a bit, but just above it you can see my *faves*! I’ll just give a quick description of each.

books i done read, by Raych, is mostly a book-review blog. I love Raych’s voice: she’s very funny and conversational and feels like someone I could hang out and laugh with. She reads a very diverse array of books: children’s or YA, classics, romance, fantasy-ish, nonfiction, all kinds of things. She exposes me to things I’d never have known about otherwise, and she makes me giggle.

Book Journey is hosted by Sheila, who is very prolific; I think she averages close to two posts a day! She reviews a great many books and a great many audiobooks, too, and she’s very down-to-earth. I like that she includes personal details, too; it makes her feel like a friend, rather than a headless book-review machine.

Stuck in a Book is a thoughtful British blog by Simon, who focuses more on quiet, British and/or women’s fiction and a bibliophile’s choice of nonfiction. He writes about the emotions a book evokes and quotes representative passages.

On a different note, TERRIBLEMINDS is another thing entirely. It’s not really a book blog at all. Chuck Wendig, freelance penmonkey, is a writer who apparently can’t get enough of writing, because he blogs daily, mostly about the hows and whys of writing for a living – something pretty foreign to me, but I find him very entertaining. Caution! This blog is R-rated for language and sexual content and all kinds of disturbing concepts, but he’s great fun if you’re up for it.

write meg! is another writerly blog, but she’s pretty heavy on the book reviews, too. Meg writes about her private life and travels and personal reflections some, which I appreciate (and I often find I can identify with her) as well as her reflective book reviews.

The Feminist Texican appeals to me for reasons that perhaps should be obvious: we have quite a few things in common. I like her feminist slant on the books she chooses to read as well as the lens through which she reviews them (although she’s not militant about it; it doesn’t take over) and I love Frida Kahlo, too. 🙂

cakes, tea and dreams by Katie is about books and also about Katie’s life in Boston as a displaced Texan. Perhaps that’s part of why I identify with her voice. I like her book reviews but I like the other stuff at least as well.

Well, there’s a short list for you of blogs I enjoy; some are more purely bookish than others but we’re all whole people, right? Not just bookies? (Is that blasphemy?) I tend to like at least a touch of the personal in the blogs I follow.

Thank you all for your lovely blogs. 🙂

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