Theatre Under the Stars presents Curtains!

Well I’ve gotten a bit behind. On a Thursday night a few weeks ago, March 31, I went with some friends to see a production by Theatre Under the Stars called Curtains. It was at the Hobby Center in downtown Houston.

The show’s website bills it as “music, comedy and murder in one killer package,” and my observation is that it is heaviest on the comedy! It was a cute, funny story, and although I was beginning to feel it was predictable (thought I’d guessed whodunit), I ended up surprised, so I must take back my predictability comment. This production required a light heart and generosity for a few stumbles: several actors forgot or mumbled through some lines, and the microphones intermittently missed some of their lines, too. There were a few painful moments in this regard, and the play was overwhelmingly silly. But it was a good time. I love the Theatre Under the Stars folks for keeping theatre alive! Imperfection is life, and I’m glad to see musical theatre in all its forms.

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