Trail work debrief

Unrelated-to-books PSA of the Day.

Yesterday I was part of a group – man, there must have been 15-20 of us out there! – doing trail work/repair/maintenance on the mountain bike trails out at Memorial Park. This is a volunteer activity I find to be very important for a variety of reasons, the basic one being that those of us who USE trails – mountain bike, hike, run, walk dogs, etc. – have a responsibility to keep them in good shape. There’s also the political fact that cities, counties, private landowners, or a variety of governmental bodies that house our trails are MUCH more likely to allow us to continue, and maybe even give us new trails, if we’re respectful, responsible users. It’s just a basic concept that you should clean up after yourself, and trail usage necessitates trail maintenance. (I’ve written more on this topic here.)

Yesterday, we were involved in quite a big project, armoring some 20 feet of trail that has been a constant mudpit since Hurricane Ike. It was hard work and involved heavy lifting and extensive digging. It was really GREAT to be part of such a large group; the small turnout I’m more accustomed to just wouldn’t have done it. I’m glad to be a part of these things and don’t regret the sweat (or occasionally the blood) I leave behind. It makes me feel good to be doing my part.

But I was disappointed to hear that several of my friends/riding buddies/fellow racers were out there yesterday riding the trails which were CLOSED due to conditions. When trails are wet and we ride or run or walk them anyway, we do further damage, thus necessitating more of my, and my cohorts’, sweat and blood. It’s a very simple concept, and especially the serious rider-racers I have in mind definitely do know better.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, friends.




(the Husband's portrait of me on break)

Thank you. 🙂

Now get out there and enjoy your outdoor world!

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