Just acquired

Norman Mailer is on my list of TBR, just as an author. I’ve read nothing by him and have no plan as to where to start, so I’ve just been waiting for something to cross my desk. Today was that day! A fine hardback copy of his final novel, The Castle in the Forest came my way. This is exciting. Thus, you can look for Mailer to compete with Mr. Playboy to be my next read.

The Castle in the Forest is a fictionalization of Adolf Hitler’s childhood and upbringing. Wowza, there’s a topic for you. Apparently Mailer is sort of exploring the evil that was Hitler, in a Freudian analysis of his family dynamics, and whatnot. I could quote other people’s synopses all day but I’ll just wait and give you my version after a bit.

Have you read any Mailer? What would you have recommended I start with? I’m interested in the nonfiction too of course; and I’ve heard very good things about The Executioner’s Song as well. But I sometimes like to do it this way, and just pick up the first thing I see. If an author is really strong, it’s a strategy that should pay off.

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