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Classics Challenge 2011

I’ve decided to take on another challenge, because this one is just my cup of tea. I studied Political Science as an undergrad, but sort of still regret not studying English Lit. I continue to consider going back for… a second BA? a second master’s? or a PhD someday? (am I crazy?) in literature. I earned a master’s degree in Library Science as a career choice, in part because of my love of books, classic and otherwise, but with a special passion for the classics. So it sounds like I have a lot in common with Courtney over at Stiletto Storytime.

The Classics Challenge she’s putting on offers several levels, and I guess I AM crazy for even mentioning the PhD above, because the PhD level is 40 classics this year!! You might want to be a PhD candidate (and not otherwise employed) to do that. I guess it’s possible for the rest of us, but with my busy life I’d probably have to read ONLY classics to make it work, and I’m not interested in specializing quite that much. For one thing, my library job is best done if I can discuss the latest, greatest bestsellers with my patrons, and these do not tend to be classics.

I think I’m going to jump on board at the bachelor’s degree level. This means reading 10 classics before the end of the year. I think this is a reasonable goal. Thanks so much Courtney for getting me involved! Now where to begin? Mmmm.

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  2. Thanks for joining the Classics Challenge…we do have quite a bit in common. I got my Masters in Library Science but I also hope to go back some day to get my Masters in English Lit….maybe more. I will be trying to go crazy this year and read 40 classics…I figure if I challenge others I have to do it! Wish me luck!

  3. Hey, thanks for the challenge! 40 is definitely over my head, whew, you go girl! moral support 🙂

  4. You could just go for a bunch of novellas and plays to get to 40! LOL

  5. lol thanks Eva, good point! we’ll see where I end up. I’ve yet to find my first. it’s a long year, right? do rereads count? I’ve been wanting to reread The Count of Monte Cristo.

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  10. […] Lover by D.H. Lawrence, because I’ve never read it and I need to get cracking on the Classics Challenge and Moll Flanders by Defoe for the same reasons – I believe I saw some sort of television […]

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  12. […] and it was very enjoyable and worth my time and interest. I’m going to apply it towards the Classics Challenge at which I am so miserably far behind, so there we go. More to […]

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