Well this has been a heck of a day! I’ve been intimately connected with my IT guy all day, for one thing (thanks Wes) and that’s just the beginning. But at least my library patrons have been pleasant all day.

I was looking forward to lunchtime today, not just for the usual reason 🙂 but because I was interested to see what would happen with poor Justin, and whodunit? in Murder Past Due! Congrats to author James for getting me involved. The whole thing ended in what I consider to be a very Agatha Christie scenario: all the players in one room, with the Poirot-character asking increasingly perplexing questions in a crescendo of uncovered secrets, ending with the perpetrator very unwisely spilling all of his/her secrets and all the details of the crime, even the ones unnecessary to confession. There was a bit of a twist, of course, since librarian Charlie has been our cozy amateur detective all along, and the policewoman takes over at the end; but it was still satisfactory and adequately surprising. (The hints build towards the end, which I think is slightly less satisfying than an all-out oh-my-goodness surprise crook, but still.) I was sad that it was over; I was becoming a fan of our Southern-small-town characters and want to know them better. But, this is the beginning of a new series, we’re told, so I guess I’ll be back! While not the most serious or life-changing book I’ve read lately, it was entertaining and I don’t regret my time.

Soon it’s off to the house for some sweet rest before off to the races all weekend! Next weekend I’m taking a vacation that involves some racing as well as some live music and some just-for-fun riding, but I also hope it’ll involve some reading!! as I’m getting behind. (For one thing, I still have yet to start Henrietta Lacks which I really did intend to readalong with Kristi; but I think she’s very busy and thus a slow-ish reader too, so maybe there’s hope.)

Today, by the way, marks six months at my new job here at the Patient Family Library. It’s been rewarding and I’m glad to be of service. Here’s to more of the same, er, better.

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