guest review: Seed by Michael Edelson, from Andy

Andy is my #1 bartender. I have joked to Husband that by doing him the favor of posting this review, I have probably just bought myself another shot or two of Fernet. I don’t even like Fernet.

But I’m always glad to spread the word about a worthwhile book! So here’s Andy.

seedI should probably say up front that I know the author. We’re not good friends, but he’s a familiar name in the HEMA community and when I heard he had written a book, I was curious.

And I’m very glad I was. Seed isn’t in my usual genre area, as I turn more towards fantasy than sci-fi or militaria. But at the same time, the writing was fantastic, the story unpredictable, and the characters, generally, create an emotive reaction from you – whether it’s wanting to punch Max in the face, or slap a little sense into Alex!

The story keeps you going, until you realize that hours have gone by. That’s the greatest craft of an author – total escapism – and that it’s achieved here from a first time author is very impressive.

No spoilers, but just as I thought the book was going down a formulaic route, the tale takes a turn that I wasn’t expecting. Which makes it very readable.

Congratulations, Michael Edelson. You should be very, very proud of your creation. And I’m now stalking you on Amazon for the next books to come out.

Thanks, Andy.

I’ve got a couple of Seed myself now and will be reviewing it in the next couple of months.

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