the books I’ve listened to that simply must be audio

It has taken me weeks to post this – sorry! But I did have some interest, in the comments on a past post, in those books I’ve listened to that I feel really must be experienced as audiobooks. Here’s a briefly annotated list. Bossypants by Tina Fey, and read by the author: surely this will […]

The Rage by Gene Kerrigan

A noir crime novel featuring the collision of a motley group of characters in modern Ireland. The Rage by Gene Kerrigan (The Midnight Choir) is a multifaceted, character-driven story of crime and remorse. Vincent Naylor, freshly out of prison, is back to planning a robbery with his old accomplices, most notably his beloved big brother, […]

best of 2012: year’s end

My year-in-review post is coming, but first, let’s take a look at the very BEST books I read in 2012. Not published in 2012, you understand – although several were that, as well. I was able to narrow it down to a list of 14 books and 1 short story; and I’m hoping you’ll forgive […]

Mockingbird by Chuck Wendig

Wendig does it again! You know, it says a great deal about how well his stock is doing at pagesofjulia when I pick up his new book immediately upon its release – this, in a world where my TBR shelves are three and the stacks on the desk are… many. He’s right up there with […]

best of 2012 to date: second quarter

As we enter the sixth month of the year, I want to share with you my favorite books of 2012 so far. Consider these my strong recommendations. I review a lot of books here at pagesofjulia (I’ve read 61 books so far this year! although some of those reviews are yet to come, they will […]

Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead by Sara Gran (audio)

The “City of the Dead” is New Orleans during & after Hurricane Katrina, and that’s what drew me to this mystery. That’s the whole sum total of my knowledge of Sara Gran’s book when I began it, and that was enough. I love New Orleans and I think my favorite mysteries are those with a […]

best of 2012 to date: first quarter

Hey friends, I just couldn’t resist sharing this with you, even though neither review is up yet (!) and one book isn’t even published yet (!!) – I have just finished reading two amazing books, one fiction, one nonfiction, and they’re definitely the best two of the year so far. You know how I know? […]

updating the TBR lists.

Following up on Thursday’s post about reading intentions, I figured I would go ahead and take a look at my lists and shelves. Updating them here helps me to get this chore done, so here we are. You may recall the very cool Britannica bookshelves that Husband built me, gosh, almost a year ago? (They […]

Books Read 2012, alpha by title

84, Charing Cross Road, Helene Hanff – nonfiction Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Seth Grahame-Smith – fiction The Adventures of Sam Spade, Dashiell Hammett – fiction Ajax, Sophocles – fiction Alice I Have Been, Melanie Benjamin – fiction Almost Somewhere, Suzanne Roberts – nonfiction Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy – fiction Bad Luck and Trouble, Lee Child […]

Books Read 2012, alpha by author

Bike Snob – nonfiction Houston: It’s Worth It – nonfiction Down the River, Edward Abbey – nonfiction Fire on the Mountain, Edward Abbey – fiction Hayduke Lives!, Edward Abbey – fiction The Journey Home, Edward Abbey – nonfiction The Monkey Wrench Gang, Edward Abbey – fiction Tales From Watership Down, Richard Adams – fiction Taco […]