book beginnings on Friday: The Fifth Witness by Michael Connelly

Thanks to Katy at A Few More Pages for hosting this meme. To participate, share the first line or two of the book you are currently reading and, if you feel so moved, let us know what your first impressions were based on that first line. My current audiobook (for the daily commute) is the […]

Books Read in 2020, alpha by author

Leave the World Behind, Rumaan Alam – fiction Who Is Maud Dixon?, Alexandra Andrews – fiction Curious Atoms, Susanne Paola Antonetta – nonfiction Giovanni’s Room, James Baldwin – fiction Cuyahoga, Pete Beatty – fiction The Book of Atlantis Black, Betsy Bonner – nonfiction (no review) Solutions and Other Problems, Allie Brosh – nonfiction Fanny Says, […]

Books Read in 2020, alpha by title

Adrift, Steven Callahan – nonfiction The Art of Wes Freed – nonfiction At the Edge of the Haight, Katherine Seligman – fiction Auberon, James S. A. Corey – fiction Barbershops of America, Rob Hammer – nonfiction Black Cherry Blues, James Lee Burke – fiction Blue Moon, Lee Child – fiction Bluebird, Bluebird, Attica Locke – […]

Shatter the Night by Emily Littlejohn

Note: I received an advanced copy for review. This book publishes on December 10, 2019. Quickie review here. In a nutshell, dialogue and writing in general were very poor, but the suspense of the plot kept me going through to the end, which fact still surprises me. This is the fourth in the Detective Gemma […]

in a surprising departure: television

This post is long overdue, I guess, but it occurred to me rather late in the game to tell you about television series. During the van trip, strangely, I got into watching TV series that I could get through Amazon Prime. This blog began, back in 2011, as a way for me to keep track […]

Books Read in 2019, alpha by author

Good News, Edward Abbey – fiction My Dog Tulip, J.R. Ackerley – nonfiction Girls Like Us, Christina Alger – fiction Angry Queer Somali Boy, Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali – nonfiction Right After the Weather, Carol Anshaw – fiction The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Jean-Dominique Bauby – nonfiction Amazing Racers, Marc Bloom – nonfiction The Gulf, […]

Books Read in 2019, alpha by title

Abbadon’s Gate, James S.A. Corey – fiction The Absent Hand: Reimagining Our American Landscape, Suzannah Lessard – nonfiction Amazing Racers, Marc Bloom – nonfiction Amish Facts of Life in a Changing World, Gerald S. Lestz – nonfiction Angry Queer Somali Boy, Mohamed Abdulkarim Ali – nonfiction Apartment, Teddy Wayne – fiction (no review) Appalachia North, […]

A Field Guide to Getting Lost by Rebecca Solnit

Another book that came to me at just the right time thanks to Jessie van Eerden. I know of Rebecca Solnit, of course, but I think this is the first of her writing that I’ve read. I really enjoyed it in several aspects: its subject matter is very much in line with that of my […]

Books Read in 2018, alpha by author

Sock, Kim Adrian – nonfiction The Twenty-Seventh Letter of the Alphabet, Kim Adrian – nonfiction Sea Monsters, Chloe Aridjis – fiction The Silence of the Girls, Pat Barker – fiction What It Is, Lynda Barry – nonfiction On Immunity: An Inoculation, Eula Biss – nonfiction Leaping Poetry, Robert Bly – nonfiction Object Lessons, Eavan Boland […]

Books Read in 2018, alpha by title

The Art of Description, Mark Doty – nonfiction The Art of Mystery: The Search for Questions, Maud Casey – nonfiction The Art of Syntax, Ellen Bryant Voigt – nonfiction The Barefoot Woman, Scholastique Mukasonga – nonfiction Black Tickets, Jayne Anne Phillips – fiction The Body: An Essay, Jenny Boully – nonfiction The Borrowers, Mary Norton […]