A Walk About D-Town

A Walk About Town is a brand-new meme hosted by Natalie over at Coffee and a Book Chick. I liked the idea the first time I saw it, but wasn’t sure my life would be exciting enough to warrant a weekly post! This week I do have something to share, and Natalie, I love the idea. I’ll do my best to be exciting enough to keep up. 🙂

Last weekend I took a road trip with one of my very oldest, best friends, Barrett. You might recall that I am still recovering from knee surgery; when we left on Saturday, I was 8 days into recovery. So we took a borrowed wheelchair with us, and Barrett used that as an excuse to rent us a big ol’ Cadillac for the drive! (I wasn’t ready to drive my car yet, and it’s too difficult to drive for me to wish it on Barrett; and he drives a Vespa.) On Friday night we had been to see another friend play in Sunward, a band from Dallas. It was their very first Houston gig, and a bunch of old friends turned up for it. So we dragged a little bit on Saturday morning, but did get off, in the Cadillac, with the wheelchair, headed (by coincidence) for Dallas.

We had an uneventful drive and hooked up with another friend Jimmy for an evening that started with sushi and sake (SO good) and then took us on to the Polyphonic Spree Christmas Extravaganza. This awesome and totally unique (one might even say weird) band, complete with choir on risers and often staging as many as 30+ members, hadn’t put on a Christmas show in 3-4 years, so it was a neat reunion for us. The first set is Christmas music for the youngsters – and this was preceded by We’re Not Guys, a band made up of four girls, three maybe middle-school age and one I feel sure was in grade school! They weren’t terribly complicated musically but it was impressive as hell. Anyway, then came the Spree’s Christmas set, then the Syncopated Ladies performed – this is a group of ladies of a certain age who do a dance routine. And then we got the Spree rock set – and I have to admit, I was getting stiff and uncomfortable in my wheelchair by then, and maybe didn’t enjoy it as much as I could have. But they do put on a show, with lots of positive energy, and I love watching ALL those musicians rocking their various instruments, and singing along. It was a neat thing to experience again, as it’s been several years since I’ve seen the Spree live.

From there we let Jimmy take us on to a dive bar whose name I’m not sure I ever caught – I think it started with an A – where I got a way comfier seat, and could elevate my knee; Jimmy brought me all the cans of Lone Star my heart desired, and a local classic-country band called the King Bucks was rocking out. And strangely – considering that the Spree had been the point of the trip – that was my favorite part of the evening.

The three of us stayed up too late catching up, and then started our day on Sunday with brunch and (for me) mimosas, then on to a decent beer bar in Jimmy’s neighborhood for the final moments of catch-up time with Jimmy. (Barrett and I had a 5-hour car ride together still to come.) It was action-packed – I never got Husband on the phone the whole weekend til we were halfway home! – but so good. I’m just sorry Jerko wasn’t able to join us in his own town (he had another gig Saturday night). I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Barrett for driving and Jimmy for hosting; good times! I did find just one picture, only because I shamelessly stole from Barrett who hopefully will not sue me. This is Tim Delaughter (formerly of Tripping Daisy), the lead for the Spree, amid the confetti:

Thanks Natalie for the idea for today’s post. And what have you, lovely readers, done lately that’s interesting?

2 Responses

  1. Hey, any time I can get set up in a Cadillac, I’m ready for it 🙂 Knee injuries are devastating and I can only imagine how much pain you are in. I had a simple ski accident four years ago and my left knee blew out as I crumpled down a hill and I feel like I’m just now recovering from it!

    I’ve heard about the Polyphonic Spree; I think they sang once on the sitcom “Scrubs” once and I remember thinking they were wild. I *think* that was them, I’m going to have to research it now 🙂 (If I’m wrong, I’m totally sorry to the band if they were never on that show!)

    That is a wonderful picture as well, and perfectly captures all the fun you all had, even though it sounds like catching up with friends is really where the fun is always at, isn’t it?

    Thanks so much for participating in “A Walk About Town.” I was considering only doing it for December, but I’ve had so much fun getting off my butt to go experience life outside of work and a computer that I may just carry it on!

    • Hey, Natalie, I hope you do continue with it; I hope to keep participating! There’s always SOMETHING to write about, right? This weekend there’s a big bike race – I’m only a spectator this time around of course but I can share that.

      Thanks for your comments! No clue about the Scrubs show but they’re certainly a popular band; it got really hard to see them in the states when they blew up overseas… you’re right, it’s all about the old friends. I can’t wait to get back up there, and take Husband, to visit Jimmy again. We’re going to go shoot guns like good Texas folk. 🙂

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